To complement LicencePro's mission to licence safer drivers, the team conceptualised, developed, fund and operate the Fatal Moves Road Safety Initiative. Fatal Moves seeks to provide hard-hitting awareness of the causes and consequences of crashes, in a simple yet thought-provoking way. It's pushing the concept of Continuous Driver Education - driver education that doesn't stop when a driver is licensed.

Fatal Moves seeks to drive home the message: DON'T DO FATAL MOVES.

Follow @FatalMoves on twitter for Continuous Driver Education and check out the hard hitting content at

The LicencePro team also seeks to add value in every interaction with our customers. For example, we drafted and proposed a simple "Code of Conduct" for driving instructors, we partcipated in the 2013 South African Road Safety Summit, we provided input towards the development of a Road Safety Action Plan and we tabled a document entitled "Fixing Drivers", listing 11 interventions that could really change driver attitudes.