1) Is the test time and the pass marks for computerised tests different from the standard manually marked tests?

No, they’re exactly the same.


2) I am not comfortable using a computer. I fear that this will cause me to fail the learners (theory) test.

There’s no need to fear. The LicencePro user interfaces have been designed to be as simple as possible. LicencePro uses touch screen systems with bright colours, bold, clear symbols and lettering as well as intuitive navigation to make using the system even easier than the manual processes. In many years of use and millions of tests, not a single person has ever complained about the LicencePro system being too complicated to use.

3) My daughter did a computerised test in Johannesburg and found that some of the questions were kind of irrelevant and not covered by the learning material she used. Why?

LicencePro is not used at any Johannesburg testing centres. She was probably tested on another computerised testing system. We have also read that this system has “different” questions. Please raise the matter with the relevant testing centre.


4) I've heard that at testing centres in KwaZulu-Natal you get to see a safety video if you pass the learners test - what's this about?

It’s not actually a video but a series of slides presenting hard-hitting “Fatal Moves” road safety education material. We introduced this module on LicencePro to sensitise new drivers about the huge risks and responsibilities associated with driving. Check www.fatalmoves.com for examples of the material presented after the test.


5) I did my test at a testing centre in KwaZulu-Natal that has your system, but I couldn’t book my test on-line like your product description suggests.Why?

LicencePro has a number of advanced capabilities which aren’t all used by our clients for various reasons. For example:

  • On-line bookings cannot be used because South African legislation does not provide for it.
  • Our process for randomly allocating driving test applicants to examiners just before the test cannot be used because testing centres are compelled to use another booking system which (bizarrely) allocates examiners to applicants at the time of the booking and (more bizarrely) allows supervisors to reassign examiners.
  • Our facility to display earliest available test dates on a web site is not being used as our customers have not yet opted to use it.


6) I have a friend who can’t read and write, What are his options?

The option to do an aural/oral test is still available. Please consult with a testing centre for details on how to apply for such a test. By the way, LicencePro has a special module for aural/oral tests - to improve the fairness of, and security around the tests. We're engaging with our customers for this module to be rolled out. Hopefully it will be available when your friend is ready to be tested!


7) Surely computerised systems speed up the process so why did I have to wait for 2 hours in the cash office?

Queues are usually the result of inadequate or ineffective staffing at testing centres which are beyond the control of most computer systems. That said, some queues are caused by testing centre systems (other than LicencePro) “going down”.


8) I was offered a Learners Licence without even doing a test! It's very tempting.

Please don’t be tempted. You’ll be engaging in fraudulent activity, and if caught will be regarded as a fraudster. That won’t be nice!

LicencePro’s powerful databases have enabled our customers to identify many cases where people did exactly what you are contemplating. Their illegal licences were issued on another system and have now been cancelled. The “fees” they paid are lost and they may well still be charged for fraud. In addition, you’ll be a danger to yourself, your loved ones and other road users if you’re driving without the basic knowledge of the rules, signs and controls associated with driving.


9) How long do I have to wait for my test results if I am tested using the computerised system.

Your learners (theory) test and practical driving test results will be available immediately upon completion of the test on LicencePro. There is no delay whatsoever.


10) Can the examiner change my test results to make me fail? I've heard this is the way they make money.

That’s impossible on the LicencePro system – your test result is written safely to the system databases. If you experience a problem please report it to the authorities immediately.


11) Is the test only in English?

No. It’s available in many official languages.


12) How can I prevent an examiner unnecessarily failing me during my driving test?

If you are to be tested at a testing centre that has maintained our LicencePro test vehicles, you can ask to be tested in one of the vehicles. The recordings from the vehicle and all other LicencePro systems come together to provide indisputable evidence of the test. If you feel you were unfairly failed you can formally query the result. Examiners are actually trained to show you LicencePro recordings of your errors - you shouldn’t even have to ask.


13) Surely your LicencePro test vehicles are unfair. If I have learnt to drive on a VW Golf, I will have difficulty driving a Toyota Corolla (or whatever vehicle your system uses).

It all depends on the quality of your training. Your instructor should train you to drive any vehicle. After all, when you get your licence you will most likely drive a different vehicle from the one you trained on.


14) If I buy a licence what's the big fuss? Everybody does it!

If “everybody” does it, then “everybody” is doing wrong. It doesn’t make it right.

15) Your system looks impressive. But is there really no fraud and corruption whatsoever at testing centres where your system is installed?

Thank you. If the system is used as intended, the risk of fraud and corruption occurring or going undetected is really low. Unfortunately there will always be cases where the system isn't used as intended. To address this, we monitor system utilisation and statistics on an ongoing basis and try to work with our  customers' management teams to encourage full compliance with operating procedures.  We have also developed tools to allow senior management of our customers to easily access reports and exception alerts so that they can monitor utilisation themselves. Like with any system of controls, commitment from senior management is of critical importance.


16) What are the differences between the computerised testing system being used in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng?

The system being used in KwaZulu-Natal (and at 15 testing centres in Limpopo and 6 in Mpumalanga) is our LicencePro system. There are too many differences between LicencePro and the other system to list, but here are just a few:

  • LicencePro uses electronic fingerprints and photographs to verify applicants’ identities. The other system relies on the examiner to manually check identity documents to verify identities.
  • LicencePro presents the next available test dates publicly. The other system doesn’t allow the public to view test dates.
  • All LicencePro tests are recorded (audio and video). Tests are not recorded on the other system.
  • LicencePro offers both computerised learners (theory) testing and computerised drivers (practical) testing. The other system only offers computerised learners testing.
  • LicencePro systems are supported by both UPS and generator power supplies – so testing can continue even if there are prolonged power outages or a UPS failure. The other system only offers short-term UPS power back up.


17) I manage a testing centre that doesn’t have LicencePro and have heard that your system is “not working” at a few centres at which it is deployed. Please explain.

LicencePro is working daily at 62 of the 65 centres at which it was deployed. It isn’t being used at 3 testing centres where the system was not being maintained. Even the best, most well-built assets need routine maintenance and occasional repairs.

At a very small portion of the 62 testing centres at which LicencePro is used daily, from time-to-time, some parts of the system may not be used. This is usually related to customer delays in approving repairs or management decisions not to use parts of the system. Regrettably this is beyond our control.

At testing centres where LicencePro has been maintained and well managed, it consistently achieves an uptime of 99.9% and serves its intended purposes superbly.