Millions of fraud free driving tests and some amazing successes in catching fraud and inappropriate behavior

With the support of visionary clients, LicencePro has been revolutionising driver testing in South Africa since October 2005. It’s working daily at 72driving licence testing centres across the country.

LicencePro has helped elminate backlogs in theory (learners) licence testing at virtually every testing centre at which it's been deployed. Testing centres have been able to increase their theory testing capacity up to five-fold thanks to LicencePro's efficiency, without any worry of fraud or corruption.

It's also helped dramatically improve the "look and feel" of testing centres. 

With its range of producitvity management reports, good managers have been able to drive staff productivity to reduce queueing. Accurate information from LicencePro has also enabled management to make more informed decisions.

The moveable theory test classrooms have been successfully used to conduct testing at schools and even to deliver road safety education programs. 

LicencePro has been instrumental in highlighting fraud and inappropriate behaviour relating to testing, for example:

  • Clerks reserving early test dates for people prepared to pay bribes.
  • Bad practices in the management of test dates.
  • Examiners soliciting sexual favours.
  • Examiners sexually abusing or making sexually inappropriate comments.
  • Examiners swearing/cursing and engaging in inappropriate conversations.
  • Licences being issued on the official eNatis system (the system for issuing driving licences in South Africa) without the applicant being tested or when the applicant failed.
  • Examiners asking for/negotiating bribes during tests.
  • Examiners coaching (assisting) applicants during driving tests.
  • Examiners failing to penalise applicants for errors during driving tests.
  • Examiners or third parties assisting applicants during theory tests.
  • Examiner completing an eye test on behalf of an applicant.
  • Examiners leaving the test classroom unsupervised during the theory test.
  • Examiners issuing licences for the wrong class of vehicle.
  • Examiners engaging in celluar phone conversations during driving tests.

Evidence from LicencePro has helped highlight the real risk that our roads are being polluted daily by dangerous drivers who obtain driving licences illegally. It's also showed up the kind of unacceptable behaviour that gives driving licence examiners specifically, and traffic police in general, a bad reputation. 

LicencePro's big screen displays of earliest available test dates double up to provide hard hitting road safety education messages to visitors at testing centres. The messages reach thousands of people daily.

The LicencePro education module after the theory test has elicted comments like " It's really opened up my eyes" and "I'll drive much more cautiously after seeing that" from people who've passed the theory tests. It's really making the most of a captive audience. 

Whilst many IT service providers to government struggle to even fulfill their promises, LicencePro has delivered ... and keeps delivering.